Water, snow and rocks - challenges for drivers on Icelandic mountain roads

Water, snow and rocks - challenges for drivers on Icelandic mountain roads

Deciding to travel on Icelandic mountain roads, we will, even in summer, move over rocks, stones, snow and ... we will cross rivers every day.

The most common failures in Iceland include flat tires and damaged suspension. We drive slowly over stones and boulders, taking into account the clearance of our car.

We drive through the snow with impetus, so as to glide lightly on its surface. - Like on the Saharan sand.

Before crossing the river, we check its current depth, which changes during the day. If the river is deep, remember: immersing the car body only about 20 cm can lift a car weighing over one ton! Open windows if they are electrically opened. Prepare a winch and kinetic rope that will help pull the vehicle out of the river efficiently. We cross the rivers slowly but definitely. Drivers of vehicles that do not have a snorkel, should ensure that water does not damage the engine. After leaving the river, we stop up the hill so that water flows out of the exhaust pipe.

If you get stuck in the river, don't turn off the engine. If the engine has stopped and water entered into the exhaust pipe, do not attempt to start the vehicle. Tow it out of the river with the help of another vehicle, thoroughly drain the ignition system, candles and cylinders of water.

However, we always try to remember the basic principles, whether we have snow or water ahead of us:

  1. exit from the marked trail means trouble.
  2. before passing, check any difficult or problematic sections on foot,
  3. wait for another vehicle which, if necessary, will help us to get out of trouble and
  4. in case of any doubts ... turn back ... if it is possible and safe.

After returning from Iceland, take the car to a trusted workshop and subject it to a thorough inspection.